Aboriginal Embassy
Australia Crest

On Australia Day 1972, four young Aborigines erected a large blue umbrella on the lawn of the then Parliament House. This was to become the Aboriginal tent 'embassy'.

This was unacceptable to the government of the day and on July 20th, 1972, legislation was introduced to remove anyone camped on Parliament House lawns. Three days later there was an altercation between police and demonstrators.

In August, 1995, the embassy was declared a place of special significance to indigenous people by the Australian Heritage Commission.

Twelve months later, 150 Aborigines linked to the tent embassy stormed Old Parliament House in protest.

In January 1999, the government sought to enact a 68 year old law, paving the way for removal of the tent embassy.

Today, Australia Day 1999, protests by Aborigines are expected around the country.


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