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Bennelong and another Aborigine named Colebee were captured by the British under a plan of Governor Arthur Phillip in 1789 to persuade the Aborigines of the benefits of a European civilised life. Both escaped the next year and Bennelong bore witness to Governor Phillip being speared at Manly while trying to make contact with a group of Aborigines. Later that year Bennelong returned to Sydney Cove with his family to live in a hut, built for him by Phillip on the point now bearing his name and of course now the site of the world famous building - the Sydney Opera House.

Opera House

On 12th November, 1792 he sailed for England with the ailing Phillip and was presented at court to King George 111. Suffering from the cold and homesickness he returned to Australia in 1795 but was shunned by the European community and even by his own people. Bennelong was eventually killed in a tribal fight in 1813.

The Bennelong Restaurant at the Sydney Opera House is a fine venue to eat before or after a show. Crustaceans are the specialty and prices are listed on the menu without dollar signs e.g. lobster 70, yabbies 35. Chef Michael Moore will attend to your taste buds and of course the view from the restaurant is breathtaking.

Book on (02) 9250 7548 or click on the link for the latest food menu. Bon appetit!

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