Australia Crest

A curved flat wooden missile used by the Australian aborigine in hunting or warfare. There are also two types of boomerang, returning and non-returning.

The returning boomerang is used for catching birds. The aborigines would drape nets between a clump of trees and when a flock of birds flew overhead the natives would throw their boomerangs over the top of the birds. The boomerangs were thrown in such a way that they would hover over the birds, as a hawk would, and the birds would panic and swoop down into the nets. Hey presto, dinner! The aborigines also use this type of boomerang in the sport of throwing.


The non-returning boomerang was used in hunting but was mainly used in warfare as it could be thrown further and struck its target with greater force.

Nowadays the art of boomerang throwing has become an international sport but is not one of the sports in the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

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