Burnum Burnum
Australia Crest

Aboriginal activist, actor, author and dreamer born a Woriworung and Yorta Yorta man at Wallaga Lake in southern NSW. He was christened Harry Penrith but took the name of his great grandfather, which means Great Warrior.

As a stolen child he spent his early years in children's homes.

When at the University of Tasmania in the late 60s, he led a movement to reclaim the remains of Truganini from the Tasmanian Museum for reburial.

He will be best remembered for planting the Aboriginal flag on the white cliffs of Dover on the Bicentenary Day of 26th January, 1988. This was his tongue-in-cheek way of claiming England, as Phillip had done to his homeland in 1788 when arriving with the First Fleet.

Prime Minister John Howard described Burnum Burnum as "a very gracious man and very strongly committed to the welfare of Aboriginal Australians".

Burnum Burnum died from heart disease on August 18th, 1997.

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