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Formerly known as Ayers Rock, the area was handed back to its traditional Aboriginal owners by Prime Minister Bob Hawke on November 11th, 1983 - a day to remember!Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock was named by explorer William Gosse in 1873. It was named for Henry Ayers, Governor of South Australia.

Uluru, the largest monolith in the world, rises 348 metres from the desert 178 km. to the south west of Alice Springs in Central Australia. The Rock is nearly 9 kilometres around its base.


Some points of interest are The Climb, Magpie's Springs, the Kangaroo Tail and The Brain.

From The Alice take the Stuart Highway then the Lasseter Highway.

The area is held sacred by the Aluridja and Aranda Aboriginal tribes of the Northern Territory.

Yulara Village serves as a touring centre for the region.

There is an entrance fee to Uluru National Park.

Professional photographers require an advance permit.

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