John Singleton - Singo
Australia Crest

Advertising guru, mini-media baron, racehorse owner, squillionaire ocker and professional ex-husband and house-buyer.

Singo went to Fort Street High School.

Has 6 children and a fortune of some $67 million. That should just about pay for the school fees.

Sucks up to his old mate who sells tellys etc., but he's got ten times the money Singo has.

Seems to attract trouble when driving his Bentley - parking tickets at Bondi, getting off lightly for excess speeding, yet they do say no-one is above the law, nudge nudge, say no more!

Talking of cars, he says that getting into his mate Bill Crew's car is like stepping back into 1963.

Singleton also raised a few eyebrows when at a Christmas function late November '98 he referred to Sydney deputy Lord Mayor, Henry Tsang, as a 'slope' - a derogatory term used by some people when referring to an Asiatic person. Apparently Singo's comment was meant as a term of endearment - but who needs friends like that!

His 6th and 'last' wife is family lawyer Julie Martin. There is a free subscription page on this site to the 9th person to name his other 5 wives (includes 1 de facto). Some of them are in this site, so get lookin'. E-mail us at with your answers.


This is not a roast on John Singleton, it's all true, it was in the papers. We did write to Singo, looking for nice things to say about him, and there was no reply, so his page has become our way of advertising our Roast service. You can roast a friend on their birthday, buck's night, whatever, by having a Roast page on them in Dinkum Aussies.


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