Edward 'Weary' Dunlop
Australia Crest

Surgeon and World War 11 diarist.

Edward 'Weary' DunlopErnest Edward Dunlop was born in Benalla, Victoria in 1907.

Dunlop studied medicine at Melbourne University where he was also a keen athlete, boxer and captain of the rugby team.

In 1934 he qualified as a doctor and joined the army medical corps, accepting a commission as a captain. He then went to England and qualified as a specialist surgeon in 1938.

When World War 11 broke out he was on the staff at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington. He enlisted in the AIF and saw service from 1939 in North Africa, the Middle East, Greece and Crete.

In 1942 he was posted to Java and established an Allied hospital at Bandoeng just before Java fell to the Japanese.

He then became medical officer and commander of Allied prisoners of war in Japanese prison camps in Java and on the infamous forced labour Burma-Thailand railway.

After returning to Australia in 1945 he held honorary surgical posts at a number of Melbourne hospitals and was honoured with doctorates in science and law.

He became Sir Edward in 1969 and was named Australian of the Year for 1976.

He was further honoured with AC in 1987.

Edward 'Weary' Dunlop

Published in 1986 was The War Diaries Of Weary Dunlop: Java And The Burma-Thailand Railway 1942-1945. This should be compulsory reading for high school students in Australia, if not everywhere.

'Weary' Dunlop was looked up to by his men as if he was a God, for he certainly performed some medical miracles in those camps, lacking proper instruments, facilities, medications and fighting the vagaries of a tropical climate.

The'Weary' name came from Dunlop-tyres-tires-weary.

'Weary' finally laid his head down to rest in 1993.

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