Frank Partridge
Australia Crest

Victoria Cross winner in Bougainville in the last desperate days of World War II in July 1945. Aged 20, and with 3 bullets in him, he single-handedly took out a Japanese machine-gun nest and became the youngest VC winner of the War. Apparently he stormed the enemy position throwing a grenade and yelling "Come out and fight" before diving into the bunker and killing a Jap soldier with his knife.

Frank Partridge

His wax effigy was on display in Madame Tussaud's in London as the typical digger.

A self educated man and north-coast banana grower, he later rose to fame as a TV quiz champion on Pick-A-Box, later losing in 1964 to Barry Jones who was later to become a Federal minister. Quizmaster Bob Dyer said of him: "He has an amazing mind. There's something of an Abe Lincoln in him - the rugged individualist, self-taught with a great desire for learning."

Frank Partridge tragically died later in 1964. He had been married for only 13 months and had a 3 month old son when he was killed as the result of a car accident.

His home town of Macksville raised a monument to him and in 1989 a new primary school was named the Frank Partridge VC Public School.

Victoria Cross

Frank's son donated his Victoria Cross to the R.S.L. with a guarantee that a Frank Partridge VC University Scholarship Scheme would be set up, ensuring future generations of Australians would know of Frank Partridge.

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