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Legacy was born out of the horrors of World War 1 to look after the widows and children of mates who did not come back from war. It originated in Tasmania and moved to Melbourne and then the rest of the country.

C. J. Dennis created the archetypical larrikin. Ginger Mick, who when lying dying on a French battlefield turned to his cobber, Trent and said "Look after Rose when I move on". Trent then realised he owed Mick something he could not repay. Legacy was born out of this sentiment.

C. J. Dennis Memorial
C. J. Dennis Memorial

In September 1923, at a meeting in Melbourne, Frank Selleck, later to become Lord Mayor of Melbourne, said:"Legacy is the name....with its meaning in reverse - our legacy is to serve and to give, without receiving anything in return."

Legacy is uniquely Australian and embraces the widows and children of acting servicemen killed in the line of duty - such as the 1996 Black Hawk helicopter disaster in Qyeensland.

Legacy distributes sprigs of rosemary at Anzac Day services. Donations can be made by phoning 1800 444 041.

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