Other Victoria Cross Recipients
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Other Victoria Cross recipients are as follows:

Jack Hamilton - Lone Pine, 1915
William Jackson - France, 1916
Jack Dwyer - Belgium, 1917
Jack Carroll - Belgium, 1917
Donovan Joynt - France, 1918
William Currey - France, 1918
Percy Statton - France, 1918
Edgar Towner - France, 1918
Tom Axford - France, 1918Arthur Hall - France, 1918. Corporal Charles Hall stormed a German machine gun post and killed four enemy. Hall was an overseer on a station near Byrock, population now 25, between Burke and Nyngan. Henry Lawson passed through Byrock twice, once in drought and once in flood, calling it a dismal place. If only he could check out the small graveyard there now and see how many war heroes came from closeby.Tom Caldwell - a Scottish recipient who settled in Australia after WW1.

The main criterion of being a recipient of the Victoria Cross is that the recipient "must have had no logical reason to have expected to survive his supreme act of unselfishness".

Other V.C.Recipients

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