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Richard Tognetti
Australia Crest

Violinist, aged 33 and based in Mosman, Sydney, who is also artistic director of the dynamic Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Richard grew up in Wollongong with two brothers and studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and then the Berne Conservatory in Switzerland.

Richard played with the Australian Chamber Orchestra as a student but formally joined in 1989.

He has directed the orchestra and been a soloist on 15 international tours in 19 countries. The orchestra has played at the famous BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Tognetti has taken a fresh approach to playing music - the orchestra stands up whilst playing. He says "It's better for us to stand for a start. You get more life out of the musicians if they are standing, they play more like soloists."

Richard plays a 1759 Guadagnini violin, bought by the Commonwealth Bank for its fine art collection. The violin is lent to Richard on a sort of semi-permanent basis.

Richard's wife Susie Roberts is a winemaker and Richard produces the ever popular annual Huntington Festival in the Mudgee winery.

Richard enjoys surfing and reading. He also composes a little "in the modern genre".

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