Bryan Gaensler
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Brilliant 25 year old scientist in the field of astronomy.

From Denistone East in Sydney, Bryan graduated from Sydney University where he was described by one professor to have been one of the best science students in some 20 years.

In 1996 while working on his doctorate thesis Bryan discovered that the galaxy's magnetic field, similar to the Earth's, can be traced by the shapes of the smoke rings of exploding stars. Amazingly, his computer had crashed and whilst waiting to get online again he began reading about exploding stars and to his astonishment discovered a similarity in each case.

It seems that all supernovas point to the same 'magnetic north pole' point in the galaxy.

Part of the brain drain and courtesy of NASA, Bryan is currently investigating exploding and dead stars at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Bryan gaensler

Bryan was awarded the prestigious Hubble Fellowship by NASA to enable him to further his studies.

He won the science and technology prize in the Young Australian of the Year Awards and was later named Young Australian of the Year in January 1999.

Believe it or not but he has his own Star Trek uniform but does not have his sights on being an astronaut as he does not have a head for heights.

"I think it's just fun - I get to stay up all night. I get to watch things explode and I get to play with really big toys."

He also said "Scientists are just big kids. They say every child is born a scientist as all the ever ask is 'why'."

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