Bruce McAvaney
Australia Crest

Melbourne race caller and now the country's pre-eminent sports commentator and host.

As an 8 year old in Adelaide he stood up in class and announced to the teacher and fellow pupils that he wanted to be a race caller. The classroom erupted in laughter.

Bruce McAvaney

Been there, done that, 45 year old Bruce, next year, will be TV's Mr. Olympics 2000.

A stickler for detail and knowledgeable on all sports Bruce did himself no harm when he said the following of Flo Jo - "Impossible, no female could run that fast." and he also cast doubt on Ben Johnson on the 1988 Olympic record. Johnson was later proven to be dope-fuelled and doubt has also been cast on Flo Jo, especially after her untimely death in 1998.

He waxed lyrical so much on Carl Lewis that Ernie Sigley said "I thought he was going to marry him once."

Bruce's sporting imagination was fired by his parents with stories of Phar Lap and Bradman and it was after five years service as a public service clerk that he got his first break on Adelaide radio station 5DN.

Bruce is married to TV producer/reporter Anne Johnson and they have two kids Sam, 4 years old and Alexandra, nearly 2.

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