Wilfred Graham Burchett
Australia Crest

Journalist, born in Melbourne in 1911, who, when a war correspondent in Asia, was the first Westerner to give an eye-witness account of the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima in Japan. This scoop was called 'The Atomic Plague'.

When he returned to Australia in 1950 he was branded a communist sympathiser after campaigning for 'ban-the-bomb' and against the banning of the Communist Party.

Wilfred Burchett

To rub salt into the wound he visited an Allied p.o.w. camp in North Korea in 1953 at the end of the war there. Cries of treachery were heard and the Australian government withdrew his passport.

He continued to work in Moscow, Hanoi and Paris, maintaining his support for not so much Communist ideology but for national independence.

When Comrade Whitlam came to power, Burchett had his passport returned.

Besides many publications, his autobiography, 'At The Barricades', was published in 1981 and he died in 1983.

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