Christopher Skase
Australia Crest

Arsehole of arseholes! Not much chance of him coming back to Oz to sue us.

Fugitive from Australian justice, feigning illness and living in Majorca, an island in the Mediterranean and part of Spain, this former television station owner and resort manager of the failed Qintex Group is eagerly awaited to return to Australia.

In 1994 the embattled Chris likened himself to Nelson Mandela and Terry Waite.

Chris spends his time walled up in his estate La Noria at Puerto Andraitx, so be sure to look him up for tea and lamingtons if you are in the area.

In July '98 when asked by his neighbours why he left Spain, he replied "A little bit of trouble with the bank". But then again, many Australians believe the banks to be robbers.

In September when renouncing his Australian citizenship he said "The tape has been cut. It's adios amigos. It's like when you take off smelly socks".

Hopefully Skase will get his come-uppance in 1999.

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