Martin Cash
Australia Crest

Bushranger born in Ireland in 1809, the son of a wealthy landowner.

Cash was transported to NSW for shooting a man over the favours of a woman. He arrived in Sydney in 1928. On receiving his ticket-of-leave he was suspected of cattle duffing (rustling) and fled to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) where he was sentenced to jail and hard labour for stealing farm produce.

Cash and two others escaped from Port Arthur and formed a bushranging gang. Cash was then involved in another romantic dispute over his wife in Hobart and shot a policeman. For this crime he was sentenced to life imprisonment on Norfolk Island but was given a pardon in 1853 after being a model prisoner.

He returned to Hobart and died a respected citizen in 1877.

In 1870 an autobiography The Adventures Of Martin Cash was published. This book was used as a source by Marcus Clarke in his description of an escape from Port Arthur in his classic For The Term Of His Natural Life in 1874.

Martin Cash is an ancestor of former champion tennis player and Dinkum Aussie, Patrick Cash.

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