Paul Hogan
Australia Crest

Comic actor born in Sydney on 8th October, 1940.

Worked as a rigger on the Sydney Harbour Bridge before getting a break on television with Mike Willessee on A Current Affair.

His face was always on TV with the cigarette ad - 'Anyhow! Have a Winfield.'

The Paul Hogan Show series which he did with John Cornell as 'Strop' was extremely popular in the '70s.

Later he became the face of Australia with the - 'Put a shrimp on the barbie' tourism ads showing in USA and UK.

Huge success came to Hogan on a worldwide basis with his movie Crocodile Dundee and sequel. He then set up a palatial home at Byron Bay in northern NSW.

Paul was named Australian of the Year in 1985.

His film Lightning Jack was the first film to be floated on the Australian Stock Exchange. And the waves crashed over the investors.

With his star waning in Hollywood, Paul and his former co-star now second wife had a baby son in 1998.

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