Steve Vizard
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Stephen William Vizard, born Richmond, Melbourne on 6th March, 1956 - prior to the 'Friendly' Olympic Games in that city of the south.

Steve was, and probably still is, a solicitor and barrister by profession.

Steve Vizard

Steve was presenter and performer in TV's Fast Forward and Tonight Live With Steve Vizard for over 700 episodes.

Steve was the Gold Logie winner in 1991 and has won 3 other logies.

Married to Sarah Jane, they have 3 children - Stephani Elizabeth, Thomas William Pitt and Madeleine Amelia.

Founder of Vizard House for providing the needy with free accommodation.

All of the above was gleaned from a FANTALES wrapper.

Steve now runs his successful production company Artist Services out of Port Melbourne, the suburb, that is! The Fairfax empire holds a 50% stake in this operation, which share at the time of writing is up for sale.

We cannot vouch for the accuracy of the above as, after all, it did come from a lolly wrapper and Mr. Vizard did not reply to our correspondence. Perhaps there is no such person as Steve Vizard and a wizened old man at the lolly factory made it all up and had some wrappers printed. Now, that would be funny!

Steve was an elected delegate at the Constitutional Convention in Canberra in February, 1998, standing for the Australian Republic Movement. This happened after the lolly wrappers were printed.

Business Review Weekly estimated earnings with Andrew Knight of $13.5 million in 1998.

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