Alan Bond
Australia Crest

Businessman born in England and coming to Perth as a boy.

Beginning his career as a signwriter he formed what was to be Bond Corporation in 1959, beginning with land speculation around Perth.

In the 80s his interests included brewing (Swan brewery), television (Channel 9), radio, property development and oil exploration.

He headed the syndicate that challenged for and won the America's Cup in sailing, with the yacht Australia 11. Little did today's hero know what was in store for him later on.

In the mid 80s his personal wealth was put at some $400 million and he splashed it around with gay abandon, buying a village in England and spending $54 million on Van Gogh's Irises, which transaction was to be part of his downfall later.

The stockmarket crash of '87 took its toll and his fortunes began to founder with Bond Corp. recording a, record for the time, $980 million loss.

The Receiver moved in to recover the assets, sell off what was left and to look for suspected off-shore funds supposedly held by a mystery friend of Bond in Switzerland. Nothing has come from this avenue of search, as yet!

In 1992 Bond was charged with criminal dishonesty in his business dealings. He was bankrupted, but his family made the last payment in 1998 to clear up that part of the fiasco. He is currently serving a prison sentence in Casuarina Prison, Western Australia.

In January 1999 he was asked to paint a self portrait for the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.

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