Kerry Packer
Australia Crest

Media magnate and card player, born on 17th December, 1937. He is the son of the late publishing tycoon, Sir Frank Packer and father of James Packer.

Australia's wealthiest man, in money, that is, he is a director of Publishing and Broadcasting Limited and chairman of Consolidated Press Holdings, his private company.

He reached billionaire status when he firstly sold channel 9 television station to Alan Bond then recouped the asset when Bond's failing operation couldn't meet it's obligation to pay. It's rumoured he said to Bondy "Thank you for your company."

Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer indulges in the sport of polo and has invested huge sums of money into moving a team of horses and men around the world to play matches.

His punting feats are legendary and he is reputed to have won $6 million with friend Lloyd Williams on the 1998 Melbourne Cup won by New Zealand horse, Jezabeel.

He is feared at casinos throughout the world and on big winning nights has tipped the croupier enough cash to pay off the mortgage.

On November 25th, 1977 he won his High Court action against the cricket authorities seeking to ban players if they had been involved in his World Series Cricket.

"The Big Fella" has been dogged by ill-health and has gone through so many operations that he is reputed to have said "Operations don't worry me a lot. That may sound very strange to you, but I've had a lot of them and I believe I'm bulletproof."

After his near fatal heart attack in 1990, whilst playing polo, he said "I've been to the other side and let me tell you son, there's f... nothing there".

The story of how his father sent him back to Melbourne from Sydney to collect a tennis racquet he had left at school in Geelong has entered Australian folklore.

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