Lindsay Fox
Australia Crest

Trucking magnate and self-made businessman. You've no doubt overtaken one of his fleet on the highway with the truck displaying the sign - 'You're passing another Fox'.

Lindsay was born in Sydney in 1937, the son of a truck driver. He was brought up in Prahran, Melbourne and left school when he was 13 years old.

He began with one truck and built up the Linfox Company to be the largest privately owned transport company in Australia.

In 1992 he formed an alliance with Bill Kelty of the ACTU to encourage employers to give jobs to unemployed youth.

He played football for St. Kilda and has continued as president and supporter of the club.

In February, 1999, he was asked his thoughts on Linfox supporting S.O.C.O.G. when it was beleagured with corruption charges, saying "The time to jump in is when the going gets tough."

Lindsay Fox AO was an elected delegate at the Constitutional Convention in Canberra, in February 1998, standing for Australian Republican Movement. He said "As any Australian businessman, I firmly believe we don't need to hold on to anyone's apron strings."

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