Ziggy Switkowski
Australia Crest

New Managing Director of Telstra, replacing the retiring Frank Blount, announced on 16th February, 1999.

Ziggy was born in Germany to Polish parents and the family migrated to Australia in 1949.

He was raised in Melbourne and went to St. Bernard's College in Essendon before studying at the University of Melbourne where he gained a PHD in nuclear physics and went on to 6 years of post-doctoral research.

Aged 30 he entered the corporate world, joining Kodak in 1978 and making his way up to be managing director and chairman. In April 1996 he joined Optus as CEO, leaving in June1997 to join Telstra in August 1997 as managing director, business and international.

Ziggy lives in Melbourne and isn't fazed when his two children Clare and Mark describe him as a nerd.

Dr. Switkowski will lead Telstra through the next phase of its privatisation late '99 and into the new Millennium.

When told of market concerns re his background and ability to lead Telstra, he said "While nuclear physics and rocket science are not the vocabulary within Telstra, the methodology is similar."

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