Bee Miles
Australia Crest

Born in 1902 and dying in 1973, Miles was the scourge of Sydney taxi drivers as she refused to pay her fares. She was also legendary for her disruptive public outbursts and jumping on the running boards of cars in the old days. She even crossed the continent of Australia by jumping, uninvited, on to bumper bars of cars heading in the direction she wanted to go.

Miles was also renowned for her knowledge of the classics and was a constant visitor to public libraries where she would devour up to 4 books a day.

She was once incarcerated in a mental home but was released when Smith's Weekly got on her case.

There is an unpublished manuscript, circa 1930s, called A Dictionary By A Bitch,which contains some of her observations of life - "Duty: an excuse for showing unwarranted interference in somebody else's business."

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