Mardi Gras
Australia Crest

Annual gay and lesbian parade which is turning Sydney into the gay capital of the world. Eat your heart out San Francisco. Better still, leave your heart there and get over to Sydney for next year's Mardi Gras.

On the evening of 27th February, 1999, the 21st and biggest parade was held with an estimated 600,000 people packing the inner city area to view the spectacle, with inclusions such as Dykes on Bikes, Pauline Pantsdown and Lucy 'Xena' Lawless.

The crowd cheered when a large mock-up of Fred Nile's head on a platter passed by. Fred was there, of course, trying to save the 'sinners' and passing out God's forgiveness.

Jimmy Barnes and Kylie's little sister Dannii provided some entertainment at the apres-parade bash when ticketholders retired to party at the old Showground at Moore Park. Special guest was Erin Hamilton performing her Mardi Gras anthem Dream Weaver.

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