Australia Crest

When you see an Akubra hat you immediately think of Australia. Be it Greg Norman lining up a putt or Slim Dusty sending us thirsty with his Pub With No Beer. Be it Prince Charles, Wayne Gardiner or good old Bill Clinton, Akubra is their choice. Clinton, shopping in the historical Rocks area of Sydney, even paid for his!

Benjamin Dunkerley, a hat maker, arrived in Australia in the 1870s and set up shop in Tasmania before moving to Sydney where he opened a small factory. Stephen Keir joined the firm and later married Ada Dunkerley.

Akubra incorporated in 1912 and is still run by the 4th generation of Stephen Keir's family.

The hats are made from 100% crushed rabbit fur (felt) and Australia sure has plenty rabbits.

The operation moved to Kempsey, NSW, in the 70s, where it remains today.

When you see the rows of slouch hats marching off to World Wars I & II then think of Akubra. The company supplied the army in both conflicts.

Check the styles when you next visit a R.M. Williams store or have a look at what's to offer at Here you can see how Akubra hats are made, amongst other things of interest.

Akubra hats are thick on the ground at the Tamworth Country Music Festival every year and Golden Guitar winner Lee Kernaghan wouldn't leave home without his Akubra.

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