Maggie Tabberer
Australia Crest

Fashion ICON and author, aged 62 and getting younger.

Maggie T wrote tell-all autobiography revealing the men in her life and the life in her men. The book doesn't exactly speak well of her former lover Richard Zachariah, who left her for a younger piece of fluff. When a drycleaner asked her how to spell his name, quick-as-a-flash she replied - B-A-S-T-A-R-D. Charming!

No doubt Dicky will seek his revenge. Watch here for future developments in the saga.

Maggie T is famed for her quick wit. When approached by a funeral-director admirer at a literary lunch, she said "Jeez, I hope you're not here to give me a free quote and measure." No, there's plenty of life in this old gal, yet. Richard may one day regret his betrayal and crossing swords with her.

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