Poppy King
Australia Crest

Queen of lippie and Young Australian of the Year in 199?

Poppy was an elected delegate at the Constitutional Convention in Canberra in February, 1998, standing for the Australian Republic Movement.

In August '98, Poppy said of the dispute with her backers "When I named my lipsticks after the seven deadly sins, I never thought I'd be living one of them".

Poppy's business was rescued late 1998 after the well publicised, dirty linen airing stoush with her former investor/partners, the Frieds.

The Frieds, some $3.5 million out of pocket, have gone on record in a national newspaper describing the former Young Australian of the Year as "the rudest and most obnoxious person they have ever met". Maybe it's a case of the tall Poppy being cut down to size?

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