Prue Acton
Australia Crest

Fashion designer born in Benalla, Victoria in 1943.

Prue studied her craft at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and in 1964 founded her own fashion house, where she quickly became a key figure on the local fashion scene with her fabric and clothes design.

In the 60s her innovative designs appealed to the young and in the late 60s her designs dominated the junior market in U.S.A.

She has won many awards including the Wool Fashions Award of 1966,1969 and 1970.

Prue has designed everything from bed linen to Olympic uniforms and in recent years has used the colours of the Australian landscape in her designs, with the help of artist Clifton Pugh.

In 1991 she changed the direction of her career, closing down her retail chain and label. Prue continues to design by special order and conducts fashion design workshops, imparting her wonderful talent to others.

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