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Often called the Koala bear, however this cuddly creature is really a Marsupial and is native to Australia only. The Koala is sometimes affectionately called a Qantas by Japanese tourists.

The birth of twins is rare, especially in the wild, and both would have difficulty surviving as the Koala was 'designed' to have only one offspring. The Koala has only two teats and a baby will only use one, subsequently one becomes elongated and the other shrinks away, so when twins are born generally only one will survive.

The Joey (same as the Kangaroo) remains in the mother's pouch for the first 5 to 6 months of life when they will emerge and cling to mum's back, using their sharp claws.

Information can be had from the Australian Koala Foundation in Brisbane Tel. (07) 3229 7233.

Australian Koala Bear Manufacturing Co., 7 Hickson, Botany, Tel 9316 8050.

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