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Aquatic mammal living in the internal waterways and billabongs of Australia.

Also known as the duckbilled platypus, the platypus lays soft shelled eggs. When a specimen was first seen by Europeans they thought it a hoax as the animal appeared to be made up of bits of other animals, the bill of a duck, the tail of a beaver etc.

The platypus is from the unique Australian order known as monotremes, the only other member of the order being the echidna.

The platypus was first bred in captivity at Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria by Dr. David Fleay on 26th February, 1944. The Babe was known as Corrie and the story hit the front pages of newspapers all over the world, even during the heights of World War II.

Animal keeper Les Fisk has replicated Fleay's feat by successfully breeding another Babe, Baby X, at Healesville in April, 1999.

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