Geoffrey Rush
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Previously famous for being a former flatmate of Mel Gibson, Geoffrey has found fame and fortune for himself with his Oscar winning performance in 'Shine', winning the funny little man statuette for best actor of 1997 releases.

ShineGeoffrey studied at NIDA with Mel Gibson and Judy Davis.

Films since Oscar 1 are Les Miserables, Elizabeth and Shakespeare In Love, which premiered in New York for First Lady, Hillary Clinton. In the $73 million film Rush plays a bumbling theatre owner, called Henslowe, trying to stage Shakespeare's latest play in 1593. One review said 'Rush, in a wicked bit of high caricature, is wryly discombobulated as the bucktoothed showman.'

Geoffrey Rush having a puff
Geoffrey Rush having a puff

Geoffrey has just been nominated for the 1999 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his Shakespeare effort. Unfortunately, he missed out but later took out the BAFTA in U.K.

In 1999, Geoffrey will play a 5 year old boy in the children's play 'The Small Poppies' as part of the Company B season at Sydney's Belvoir Street theatre.

Currenly he is in the role of Bunyip Bluegum in the film of Norman Lindsay's The Magic Pudding. Mate Mel Gibson's Icon Productions have bought the world wide distribution rights of the film.

Geoffrey Rush in Shine

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