Rene Rivkin
Australia Crest

Flamboyant, cigar chompin', gold worry-beaded financier and nightclub owner, born in China of Russian Jewish parents.

Got his fair share of adverse publicity in 1998 when a former employee used him as an alibi when questioned by police over the suspicious death of the ex-employee's girlfriend at The Gap. This fellow, Gordon Wood, is being tracked by Interpol. Also, allegations of a not so nice sexual nature in the Sydney Morning Herald. Rivkin sued.

The newspapers are always saying how much money he made here and how much he made there yet, surprisingly, he has never made it into the BRW Rich 200.

In March '98 he invested in fashion designer Peter Morrissey saying "I bought three cars last week and I've bought Peter Morrissey this week". The days of buying people are hopefully on the way out.

Drives a jeep the size of a tank and forever having lots of youths and girls on his luxury boat.

Ring one of his boys on 041 788 9899 and see if you get an answer. There's a free page on this site to the 9th person whose call is answered and replied to. Just give us the name of the person at the other end of the line. Good luck!

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