Wollemi Pine
Australia Crest

This tree, dating back to the Jurassic period of 200 million years ago, was discovered in a small gully to the north west of Sydney in 1994. National Parks and Wildlife Service ranger David Noble found the tree on his rounds - a noble tree discovered by a Noble man.

This conifer was widespread on the ancient land mass of Gondwana and grows to some 40 metres high and has a complex root system - not quite the tree for the front yard.

There are 38 trees and approximately 200 seedlings growing in this known to only a few gully. The secrecy is to protect the trees from the greedy.

A Young Wollemi Pine
A Young Wollemi Pine

It is the world's oldest and rarest tree and a plan has been actioned by the NSW Government to commercially grow the trees for worldwide distribution by the year 2005. Young trees are being propagated now yet will take time to be ready for sale as the Wollemi is slow growing in its early years before exploding majestically towards the sky.

In May 99 the Federal Government launched a plan to protect endangered plants and animals. Senator Robert Hill said a recovery plan for the pine had been drafted by the Royal Botanic Gardens and the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

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