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No profession owes more to the value of tradition than the art of winemaking. For the family company, Angove's Pty. Ltd, tradition means more than history as since 1886 when Dr. William Thomas Angove first experimented with vines, winemaking and distilling at Tea Tree Gully, South Australia, patience and persistence have been the cornerstones of the Angove's winemaking approach. The result is a fine pedigree of wines, brandies and specialised beverages marketed throughout Australia and the world.

Here are some of our and hopefully your favourites -

St. Agnes, Australia's favourite Brandy since 1925.

St Agnes Brandy
St Agnes Brandy

Write to Angove's at Head Office for your 25 Great Recipes with St. Agnes.

Stone's Original Green Ginger Wine

Stone's Green Ginger Wine
Stone's Green Ginger Wine

Produced in England since 1740 and made under licence in Australia by Angove's since the early 60s, using the same ancient formula.

Marko Vermouth - Dry, Bianco and Sweet, in 1, 1.5 and 2 litre bottles.

Reds and Whites - Sarnia Farm, Mondiale, Butterfly Ridge, Misty Vineyards and last but not least, Classic Reserve.

Misty Vineyards
Misty Vineyards

Dessert Wine - Floreate

Sparkling Wine - Regent Brut

Fortified wines - Fino Dry Sherry, Old Brown Sherry, Anchorage Tawny Port, Premium Vintage Port and the Bookmark range.

Paddle Wheel - Table Wines in 2 litre glass flagons and 5 litre wine boxes (remember, it was Angove's chairman Tom Angove who invented the wine box ).

Paddle Wheel
Paddle Wheel

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