Ian Kiernan
Australia Crest

He is Clean Up Australia boss, former builder and noted yachtsman.

His originally one man campaign begun in Sydney in1989 and has resulted in Australia and the world being cleaner places. Now more than 40 million people in 120 countries are mobilised in the continuous battle.

Ian was named Australian of the Year for 1994.

In November 1998 he was awarded the Sasakawa Environment Prize of US$200,000 (A$315,200). The cheque was presented to Kiernan in New York by the UN Deputy Secretary, General Louise Frechette.

On accepting the award he said "The deepening economic problems do pose problems, but I sense a great renewed enthusiasm worldwide for the environment". Kiernan vowed to use the money to step up his battle against global pollution, saying "This will help improve our clout, help to open up even more doors".

On April 12th, 1999, Ian promised to clean up his driving record when allowed to still drive despite a disqualification and loss of an appeal. He said "I can assure you I won't be before the court again". Wonder if he had the same lawyer as Singo?

Keep up the good fight, Ian!

Ian Kiernan can be contacted through his Sydney office on
(02) 9552 6177 or e-mail -


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