Arnott's Biscuits
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William Arnott was born in Scotland in 1827 and emigrated to Australia in 1850 with his brother David to join other family members.

Having trained as a pastrycook in Scotland, Arnott tried his luck on the goldfields but found he could earn more money by baking for the gold prospectors.

In 1853 he opened a bakery in West Maitland and after a number of setbacks, including flooding, he established a small shop in Newcastle in 1865.

The business expanded rapidly and helped by his wife, brothers and sons he opened the first Arnott's factory in Newcastle in 1877. In 1894 Arnott's Biscuits Ltd. bought a factory in Sydney.

The business remained in the family until 1970 when it became part of a large multinational. However, the quality of the Arnott's product is still of the highest note.

It has been estimated that Arnott's produces 75% of the biscuits eaten in Australia each year.

Managing Director is Mr. Chris Roberts.

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