Hill's Hoist
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In November 1945, Lance Hill, newly back from World War II, went into his back shed at 7 Bevington Road in the suburb of Glenunga, Adelaide, and after much hammering and welding produced a version of the rotary clothes hoist - the Hill's Hoist. This was to become the symbol of the most suburbanised nation of all on the planet Earth.

Although there were similar products on the market and his initial patent application had lapsed, Hill persevered and Australian Patent 215772 was lodged on 22nd March, 1956. This was for the crown and pinion winding mechanism which allows the frame to be raised and lowered.

Hills Hoist Patent 215772
Hills Hoist Patent 215772

Around the corner from Bevington Road, a blacksmith's smithy at 262a Glen Osmond Road became the first factory for producing the hoists.

Today Hills Industries is a public company. Chairman Bob Hill-Ling's father and uncle developed the hoist. His daughter Jennifer, a Sydney lawyer, is a director of the company.

Hills Hoists and other company products are now sold throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.

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