Marree Man
Australia Crest

Mysterious figure etched in the desert in a remote plateau some 60km west of the tiny outback town of Marree in South Australia.

The 4km long figure is of an aborigine in a Boomerang throwing pose and was discovered in mid '98, quite accidently from an overhead passing aeroplane. By November '98 the figure was showing signs of being reclaimed by the desert.

Who ploughed this figure in the desert and why? As yet there is no answer, however the guilty party would have needed high-tech surveying equipment.

More mystery. A fax was received via a hotel in Oxford, England in January 1999 advising of a plaque buried near the noble warrior's nose. Sure 'nuff it was there when the cavalry went to investigate. What does it all mean? Stay tuned for future bulletins!

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