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On 17th November, 1998 the Kellogg Surf Safe Summer Awareness campaign was launched. Safety messages will be printed on more than 15 million breakfast cereal packs in an effort to cut the numbers of drownings off Australian beaches.

With Kellogg's cereal packets on an estimated 75% of Australian breakfast tables it is hoped the message will sink in, if you excuse the pun, and reduce the 12,000 + rescues and 64 drownings in the nation last summer.

Not one of the drowned people had been swimming betweeen the flags placed by the SLSA members and many were visitors from overseas. The message is clear - "swim between the flags!"

It may surprise you, but 100 years ago swimming on Australian beaches during daylight hours was against the law. This changed in 1902 when newspaper editor William Gocher announced to his readers that he would enter the surf at Manly beach at noon. This action resulted in Manly Council rescinding its law. Surfing soon became a favourite pastime and led to the formation of surf lifesaving clubs.

Surf Lifesaving Australia today involves 269 clubs in every State and Territory, with more than 82,000 members. There are 21,000 members on active beach patrol duties and they perform an average of 12,000 surf rescues each year.

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