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The Angove family company, Angove's Pty. Ltd. ranks among Australia's largest privately owned wine companies and stands as one of the few with strong interests in distilling as well as grape growing and winemaking.

The origins of Angove's as a company had more to do with satisfying a way of life rather than a determination to establish a wine and brandy producing business.

William Thomas Angove
William Thomas Angove

Dr William Thomas Angove, an accomplished general practitioner and surgeon, with his wife and young family, emigrated from Cornwall in 1886 to establish a medical practice in South Australia.

Dr. Angove experimented with growing vines, winemaking and distillation, leading to the establishment of a proud family business. His initial plantings at Tea Tree Gully in the Adelaide foothills were the forerunner of one of the largest vineyards in the southern hemisphere - the magnificent Nanya Vineyard at Renmark in the Murray Valley, South Australia.

Early vintages of a burgundy style dry red, from Tea Tree Gully, had proved popular with the locals and with steady expansion of the new vineyard and the building of a winery and cellars from local stone meant that, by the turn of the century, production had reached 300 tons of grapes from some 50 acres of vineyards.

During that period the accent on red wine was gradually supplemented by the production of dry whites as well as fortified wines in the sherry and port styles. Stills and a large Cornish steam boiler were installed for the production of fortifying spirit.

J.C Angove and T.W.C Angove
J.C Angove and T.W.C Angove

In 1910, Dr. Angove's eldest son , who had completed studies in Oenology at Roseworthy College, branched out from the family home in Tea Tree Gully and set up a distillery and processing plant at Renmark.

Despite the disruption of two World Wars, growth of the Renmark operation progressed and as well as developing a fine reputation for table and fortified wines, Angove's had won wide respect for the ability to distill high quality brandy. The renowned 'St. Agnes' label became a hallmark for quality brands in Australia and many overseas markets.

Post World War 11 Angove's has steadily expanded its operations and structure with the Renmark facility growing to be a major winemaking and distilling enterprise with a storage capacity of more than 15 million litres of wine and spirit.

In 1947, Thomas William Carlyon Angove, grandson of the founder, took the helm as Managing Director, taking Angove's into a new era of development.

Over time, new plant and equipment, crushing facilities and cooling systems have enabled the company to develop and test new production methods in the making of premium red and white table wines.

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In 1965, Angove's launched the wine-in-a-box concept, being developed from an idea of Tom Angove - see page on Wine Cask in Inventions category in Dinkum Aussies.

In 1983, present Managing Director, John Carlyon Angove, from the fourth generation of the family, took over control of the company from his father.

The success of the Angove's identity owes a great deal to a pioneering spirit, seemingly only to be found in Dinkum Aussies, that drove Dr. Angove to uproot his family from Cornwall and emigrate to Australia, achieving what is evident in the company today and towards the new Millennium.

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