Maurice Blackmore
Australia Crest

Naturopath acknowledged as the Father of Australian Naturopathy.

Born in England in 1906, Blackmore emigrated to Brisbane, Australia in 1923.

Maurice worked in several labouring jobs until he heard a talk by herbalist Frederic Roberts. This changed his life completely and he became Roberts' representative in Rockhampton.

In 1934 he opened a naturopathic rest home in Rockhampton and practices in other Queensland towns before settling in Brisbane in 1938, when he opened a health food store in Fortitude Valley.

After the Second World War he produced a range of mineral based products in his belief that mineral deficiency was the cause of most human ailments and that the key to good health was to be found in nature and not created in a laboratory..

Blackmore got on the wrong side of the medical profession in Queensland in 1951 when he published a booklet called Food Remedies. Not only did this booklet promote a natural diet but it also questioned the competence of the medical profession.

His bona fides were then questioned in the state Parliament but he received enough support to win through. One man to support him was future Queensland Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

Blackmore then helped establish the Australian National Naturopathic Association, a body to set the standards and code of practice of naturopaths.

Maurice Blackmore then established Blackmore Laboratories in Brisbane and later in Sydney, to produce herbal, mineral and vitamin preparations.

Maurice retired in 1973, handing the reins of the business to his son Marcus.

He died in 1977.

In 1987-1988 Blackmores sponsored the first woman to sail non-stop, single handedly around the world, Kay Cottee.

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