Pat Farmer
Australia Crest

Ultra marathon runner extraordinaire.

On 31st May, 1999, farewelled by Prime Minister John Howard Pat set out from Parliament House, Canberra, on a 7 month run around Australia to celebrate the forthcoming Centenary of Federation in Australia. The intention is to symbolically link all the states and territories, with the run finishing in Sydney on January 1st, 2000, a year before The Centenary Of Federation birthday.

The run had been planned for years with his wife Lisa, who tragically died in 1998. They had the idea of the run after hearing about Donald Mackay riding around the continent by bicycle in 1900 to celebrate the forthcoming federation of the 6 colonies.

Pat will leave his children Brooke, 4, and Dillon, 2, at home.

Pat holds world records for running across the Simpson Desert in the shortest time and for vertical distance running, ie up the stairwell of a tall building.

Pat was inspired by shuffling Cliff Young in the Westfield Sydney to Melbourne race.

Queenslander Ron Grant holds the current world record for a marathon run. Back in 1985 he ran 13,383 km in 227 days. Pat intends to run 14,500 km in 216 days.

During the run Pat will:
Eat 1,000 bananas and 80 kg of prunes.
Drink 1,500 litres of water and Gatorade
Sleep 4 hours per day
Run 140,000 steps per day
Run at 10km per hour
Use up 8 pairs of running shoes and 300 pairs of socks
Use 100 litres of sunscreen
Sweat 1,000 litres
Break 13 world records

Pat's diet was mapped out by the CSIRO and is a high carbohydrate vegetarian diet with plenty of pasta, rice, fresh fruit and veg.

Good on you, Marathon Man !

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