Scott Johnston
Australia Crest

Rodeo hero in the U.S. of A. Scott has vowed to ride again after breaking his back in a plane crash on November 4th, 1998. Scott, 25 years old from Raymond Terrace, north of Newcastle, NSW, was hailed a hero after pushing the injured pilot from the burning plane before it exploded. All passengers and the badly burned pilot survived the crash.

The single engined Cessna plane ran out of fuel over an airstrip near Sacramento and crashed. Scott, with 4 other cowboys, was on his way to the Cow Palace rodeo in San Francisco and broke 3 vertebrae in the accident.

Johnston, father of three, is considered one of the best bronco riders in America and in 1997 won the US saddle bronc average championship and earning $223,000. Scott learned his trade breaking in horses whilst a boy in northern NSW and rode his first bucking bronco when aged 17. Nicknamed Tarzan on the circuit, Johnston shows the typical bull-headedness of a bronc rider and says "God will heal me and I'll be riding soon. I'm going to be a world champion."

Doctors plan to fuse the discs in his back together and it will be 12 months of wearing a brace before he knows if his back will be strong enough to bear up to bronco riding.

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