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Barry Gibb was born in Isle of Man, U.K. on 1st September, 1947.

Maurice and twin brother Robin were born on the Isle of Man on 22nd December, 1949.

The family migrated to Brisbane from Manchester and Brisbane is where the group the Bee Gees began with Barry as lead vocalist.

Barry still has fond memories of attending Scarborough State School on the Redcliffe Peninsula in southeast Queensland saying "I'm Australian to the bone."

With regular appearances on Brian Henderson's television show Bandstand they returned to England in 1967, under the care of promoter Robert Stigwood from Adelaide. Stigwood was attached to Beatles' manager Brian Epstein at that time.

After their first international hit New York Mining Disaster-1941, the band took on two new members - guitarist Vince Maloney and drummer Colin Peterson. The hits kept a comin'.

These two left when fortune waned, the band disintegrated and the brothers squabbled amongst themselves - big talent, big egos.

They gained worldwide fame for their ethereal harmonies in the late 60s and their career was revived in the 70s and again in the 90s with a string of hits by themselves and artists they had written songs on behalf of.

In the 70s they were the Disco Kings with hits such as Stayin' Alive, No. 1 in Britain, U.S.A. and in Australia for 20 weeks together with the soundtrack of the smash movie Saturday Night Fever.

The trio's younger brother Andy, born in 1958, also had No. 1 hit records in U.S.A. such as I Want To Be your Everything, however he died in 1988 from heart disease.

The Bee Gees are playing a concert at the opening of the new Olympic Stadium Australia in Sydney on March 27th, 1999. Be there!

When here, Barry took time out to show his wife Linda, Bronte Beach, where the brothers swam when they lived in Sydney during the eight years they lived in Australia.

Bee Gees

Their current album Live One Night Only is currently no. 3 in the Australian charts.

With the Gibbs having penned nearly a thousand songs and having much success from other performers recording their songs, it is no wonder that young acts such as Tina Arena and U.K. chartoppers Steps continue to record Gibb-written tunes.

Robin lives in a twelfth century priory in England. The death warrant for Joan of Arc was signed in one of the rooms of his home. Scary at night-time!

Maurice was once married to Scottish popstar Lulu, who was in the film To Sir, With Love with Sidney Poitier.

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