Jimmy Barnes
Australia Crest

Rock singer, born as James Dixon Swan in Glasgow, Scotland in 1955. Jimmy's father was a former British Empire boxing champion.

His family migrated to Adelaide when Jimmy was aged 5.Jimmy Barnes

In 1974, in Adelaide, he was invited to join the band that was to become Cold Chisel, but only after his older brother had turned down the gig. Jimmy thus became a founding member of the group that was to rule the Australian rock scene for the next decade.

The band broke up in 1983 and Barnes quickly cemented a solo career for himself with albums such as Working Class Man in 1985, Freight Train Heart in 1987, Two Fires in 1990 and Soul Deep in 1991, all topping the Oz charts.

Teamed with John Farnham to be Farnesy and Barnesy for a while.

Financial woes and the shadow of the Taxman hovering above led to him selling his family home in the Southern Highlands of NSW and taking the Tin Lids and his wife to a new career based in France. However, the lure of Oz soon had him back in a big way.

Cold Chisel reformed late 1998 with a monster hit album and national tour as a result.

JB was Best Male Solo Singer at the Australian Music Awards in 1991 and at the Australian Record Industry Awards of 1992.

Jimmy, besides the Tin Lids, has a son from an earlier youthful dalliance - the sensational singer David Campbell.

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