William David Crews
Australia Crest

Reverend Bill Crews of the Uniting Church operates a soup kitchen in the Sydney suburb of Ashfield. The centre, the Exodus Foundation, opened in 1989 after Bill had a chat with the King of Ockers, John Singleton, who bankrolled the project after a win at the races.

Bill Crews first met Singo when he was working with Ted Noffs in the late 60s and Singleton was a supporter of Noffs at the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross.

The foundation is a social welfare group that works with homeless youth, the disadvantaged and runs the soup kitchen 6 days a week. On Christmas Day the centre will serve 2,000 meals.

His mate Singo says this of him "He's not of those people who just talks about doing something, he does it. He doesn't say there must be a better way, he finds a better way. He makes things happen".

Bill, not slow in coming forward, caused a furore before Christmas '98 when he wrote to Australia's 50 top companies asking for financial support for the Exodus Foundation. He only received a few replies and no money was forthcoming. Wake up big business!

Bill was made AM in 1999.

Bill Crews is married with 4 children.

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