Andrew Peacock
Australia Crest

The 'Kooyong Kid' or the 'Colt from Kooyong' was the blue eyed boy of the Federal Liberal Party for many years.

Andrew married Susan Rossiter (later Sangster and Renouf) in 1963 and divorced her in 1977. They had three daughters in the marriage - Caroline, Ann and Jane.

Peacock entered Federal Parliament on April 2nd, 1966, after winning the Kooyong, Melbourne seat of retired Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies in a by-election.

On March 11th, 1983, he became Opposition Leader when Malcolm Fraser resigned in the aftermath of the defeat by Labor's Bob Hawke.

When he became Liberal leader, again, Paul Keating posed the question "Does a souffle rise twice?"

Currently he is Australia's Ambassador to U.S.A., giving him time to catch up with his old friend Shirley Maclaine, actress sister of retired stud Warren Beatty.

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