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The proposed preamble to the Australian Constitution is intended to provide a statement of values of the Australian people.

The following is mark 2 after the version written by Prime Minister John Howard and poet Les Murray was considered too 'matey' -

With hope in God, the Commonwealth of Australia is constituted as a democracy with a federal system of government to serve the common good.

We the Australian people commit ourselves to this Constitution:

Proud that our national unity has been forged by Australians from many ancestries;

Never forgetting the sacrifices of all who defended our country and our liberty in time of war;

Upholding freedom, tolerance, individual dignity and the rule of law;

Honouring Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, the nation's first people, for their deep kinship with their lands and for their ancient and continuing cultures which enrich the life of our country;

Recognising the nation-building contribution of generations of immigrants;

Mindful of our responsibility to protect our unique natural environment;

Supportive of achievement as well as equality of opportunity for all;

And valuing independence as dearly as the national spirit which binds us together in both adversity and success.

This preamble would not have any legal effect on the interpretation of the Constitution or other laws.

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