Ted Mack
Australia Crest

Former Mayor of North Sydney and both Independent State and Federal Member of Parliament at times for the North Sydney area. Mr. Mack began his 22 year career in public office back in 1974 when he was elected to North Sydney Council, staying there for 14 years, the last 8 as mayor.

As mayor, Ted sold off the mayoral Merc. and used the proceeds to pay for community buses.

Ted MackHe then went into state politics in 1981 as the Independent member for North Shore.

In 1990 he moved on to federal politics, winning the blue-ribbon seat of North Sydney, now held by Joe Hockey, until his retirement in 1996.

Ted Mack is the only person to be elected to all three levels of Government as an Independent.

Ted waived his substantial superannuation benefits on retirement citing that he had provided for himself adequately from his architectural practice. He often said that if 2 million Australians could live on the aged pension, then so could he.

Ted was an elected delegate at the Constitutional Convention in Canberra in February, 1998. Mr. Mack believes that a President of a future Republic of Australia should be directly elected by the people.

Early in 1999, Ted and Radio 2UE settled out of court in a defamation case over some remarks he made on radio in 1993 about a Cremorne hostel and North Sydney Council. How he probably now wishes he had taken the super as he now faces costs and legal bills of some $150,000.

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