Harold Edward Holt
Australia Crest

Born in Sydney on 5th August, 1908.

Holt entered politics in 1935 and became Australia's 22nd Prime Minister when Sir Robert Menzies retired.

Holt served in the army in World War 11.

Won Federal election on 26th November, 1966 making it the first time since 1949 that the Liberal Party could govern in its own right.

It was Holt who USed the presidency election campaign slogan of Lyndon B Johnson "All the way with LBJ".

On December 17th, 1967, Prime Minister Holt waded into the surf at Cheviot beach, near his home in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, and was never seen again.

Was he taken by a shark? a Chinese submarine? A UFO? Assassinated by the CIA? Perhaps he was just unlucky and fell victim to the cruel sea. This seems the most likely as only seven months prior to his disappearance he had to be helped from the sea after getting in to trouble when snorkelling at Cheviot.

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